The Facts About Proton Technology

Recent Proton Therapy Studies and Links to Groups

Proton therapy has been used to treat cancer for more than 50 years. This technology has been FDA approved and covered by Medicare since 1991. Since that time, top physicians and medical institutions around the world have not only recommended proton therapy for many cancer types but also worked to bring this lifesaving treatment to their patients.

For example, physicians from the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Mayo Clinic reviewed numerous studies and wrote, “as a result of this exercise, the implementation of a charged particle therapy program became a top priority” (The Clinical Case for Proton Therapy).

This convergence of thought leaders is why it is one of APT’s goals to deliver trusted and effective proton therapy continues which continues to resonate with all who believe that everyone deserves the best healthcare available.


Peer Reviewed Studies on the Effectiveness of Proton Therapy


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  • MD Anderson Cancer Center: Quality of Life Studies for Prostate Patients Treated with Proton Therapy
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  • Increased Risk of Heart Disease for Women Who Received X-ray Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer
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  • Feeding Tube Decrease in Oropharyngeal Carcinoma (OPC) Patients Treated with Proton Therapy
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  • IQ Change within Three Years of Radiation Therapy in Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients Treated with Proton Beam Radiation Therapy versus Photon Radiation Therapy
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Other Sources of Information


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  • The Mesothelioma Center (Type of Lung Cancer)
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