Emory Proton Therapy Center

Emory Proton Therapy Center - Dec 2014/Jan 2015 Update

Brasfield and Gorrie, the General Contractor, has completed the façade of the building, including placement of all of the precast panels and glass pieces.  Inside the building drywall is mostly complete with first coat painting mostly complete as well.  Now the layout of the clinical and administrative sections of the building are really evident as you walk through.  The building is getting closer and closer to being ready to accept the proton therapy equipment, and for that phase of the project to commence.

Emory Proton Therapy Center - November 2014 Update

Emory Proton Therapy Center Construction 11-14November was a good month for the construction of the Emory Proton Therapy Center.  Brasfield & Gorrie, the General Contractor, continued their progress on the building’s three levels. 

On the lowest level, the drywall work has been completed, and the walls themselves have been primed and had the first coat of paint applied to them.  The hard ceilings have also been put in place.  

The work in the lobby spaces on the first and second floors is also progressing well and quickly.  The monumental staircase that will carry patients from the main reception down to the treatment level for their daily treatments is coming together, and at the point where a visitor to the center can walk along the same path that our patients will eventually travel for their care. 

The second level of the building is almost as far along as the first level, with the majority of the drywall in place, hard ceilings in place, and priming and painting in progress.  On the third floor much of the drywall has also been placed.  On all three levels work continues on spaces like bathrooms, lobbies, and other common spaces. 

In the proton treatment equipment-specific areas work is also coming along quickly.  Much of the space is finished, with final paint applied and the spaces being clean and dry.  The center is also very close to having conditioned air, which is another requirement to safely install the proton equipment.  Through hard work and team effort the project continues on its march toward patient treatments in Atlanta and the state of Georgia.

Emory Proton Therapy Center - October 2014 Update

Construction at the Emory Proton Therapy Center in Atlanta, GAOctober was a great month for the Emory Proton Therapy Center.  With the building being “dried in”, Brasfield & Gorrie, the General Contractor on the project, was able to make quick progress through October. 

The team has installed drywall on most of the wall framing and the first floor has a fresh coat of primer. With this progress, the team has also installed many of the building services, like plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and data into the space. Next up is the tile work on the ceilings, bathrooms and placement of the ceiling grid.

To date, the team at the Emory Proton Therapy Center has poured more 31,000 cubic yards of concrete, installed more than 311 miles of steel bars and run more than 28 miles of electrical conduit.

This construction project has also created more than 700 jobs to date and the team continues to be inspired to bring this life-saving proton therapy to the city of Atlanta.

Emory Proton Therapy Center - September 2014 Update

emory proton therapy center atlanta ga sept 2014September saw the Emory Proton Therapy Center make more strides.  With a few strategic exceptions, the façade of the main building is now complete.  This is great news, as it allows for the building itself to be dried in, or sealed from the elements.  Due to this milestone, the contractor, Brasfield & Gorrie, can really charge forward during October getting utilities and drywall put in place on all three levels of the building.  Wall framing itself was largely completed on all three levels during September.    

To this end, the building is also ready to be switched to its permanent power service in October. This will help with the installation and start-up of the building’s mechanical services, also required for the proton therapy equipment manufacturer, Varian to start their installation. It is an exciting time in the pursuit of treating patients with proton therapy in the state of Georgia.

Emory Proton Therapy Center - August 2014 Update

Emory Proton Treatment CenterAugust was a busy month at the Emory Proton Treatment Center.  Brasfield and Gorrie made big strides in installing the glass and precast concrete panels that make up the exterior of the facility.  Now the only facade work remaining lies along the Juniper Street side of the building, plus some other odds and ends.  The building is also getting very close to being dried in, so that more and more of the work on the interior, things that will make it look more like a finished facility, can go in place.  

Much of the framing for the different rooms throughout the facility is in place on all three levels, and the building is really starting to show how it will be laid out, rather than just being empty levels.  It is exciting to be able to see how all the pieces of this complex operation will fit together. 

Next month more of the drywall and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems will be hung throughout the building, and we continue on our fast pace towards having a building that is ready for the start of the proton therapy equipment from Varian Medical Systems.