Maryland Proton Treatment Center

Maryland Proton Treatment Center

Maryland Proton Treatment Holdings, LLC will invest greater than $200 million in the City of Baltimore to develop the Maryland Proton Treatment Center ("MPTC") – one of APT’s leading-edge proton treatment facilities that will bring the most advanced form of cancer treatment available today to Baltimore and the Mid-Atlantic Region – proton therapy.

The MPTC will treat approximately 1,900 patients annually with the potential to improve medical outcomes, reduce side effects and promote the understanding of the use of advanced technologies in cancer therapy.

Advanced Particle Therapy, LLC formed MPTC, LLC to design, build, equip, commission and initiate operation of the Maryland Proton Treatment Center. The site for the Maryland Proton Treatment Center is located in the University of Maryland BioPark in Baltimore.

The BioPark is a community of innovative medical and bioscience companies and prestigious university research centers in a 2 million square foot site on the medical center campus of the University of Maryland. Construction of the Center began in April 2012, and the center is expected to treat patients by mid-2015.

The proton center will be the only facility in the state to have 5 treatment rooms and dedicated research capabilities. The proton system will be provided by Varian Medical Systems, a worldwide provider of proton therapy and radiation oncology equipment. In addition, the center will do more than help cancer patients; it will bring significant economic growth to Baltimore by generating approximately $60 million in construction costs and a proportionate number of construction jobs.

Once operational, MPTC will be staffed by 170+ proton therapy trained professionals including radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiation technologists and medical support and administrative staff.