Solid foundation. Straightforward goals.

Advanced Particle Therapy expertly simplifies the process of cancer center development. APT provides a fully integrated solution for proton treatment centers for medical academic institutions and leading regional healthcare systems.

APT develops leading edge proton therapy centers designed to deliver exceptional cancer treatment and care. APT serves as the project’s developer, offering the project a packaged, fully-integrated solution to the highly complex task of successfully designing, constructing, and overseeing the development a particle therapy treatment center.

APT has formed international strategic alliances with architectural health-care design, financial, construction, and equipment companies. Working closely together, this team provides quality service and professional guidance in the construction of proton and “heavy ion” related treatment centers. APT offers design-build, development, financial and management services to provide particle therapy to its clients incorporating a fully integrated design and services package for a proton treatment center. The project is accompanied with the clinical and medical expertise to complete this complex endeavor.  Of equal importance is the assurance that the center will be delivered according to an agreed upon schedule and predictable cost model.

APT has formed a development team with significant collective healthcare experience to ensure the timely delivery of a state-of-the-art proton treatment center.  This team is a committed advocate for proton based therapy treatment.  Its scope of services includes market studies, patient treatment profiles, financial analysis, debt-equity structured financing, and equipment design oversight and commissioning.