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Advanced Particle Therapy, Proton Therapy Center Developer

We're experts in our field, so our partners can be experts in theirs

Efficient and effective proton therapy development demands expertise in a variety of areas: design-build, equity management, vendor selection, market analysis and more.

  • INTEGRATED SOLUTION: APT provides a fully integrated solution for the development of proton treatment centers. APT serves as the project’s developer and provides a turnkey solution to the highly complex task of successfully developing, designing, constructing, overseeing and managing a particle therapy treatment center. We offer full development services including site selection, design consultation, construction management, proton system procurement and clinical partner contract negotiation. APT works exclusively in the proton industry.
  • PROTON THERAPY CENTERS: APT currently has four proton therapy centers in the United States in various stages of development. The centers are operated by our clinical partners: Scripps Health, University of Maryland, Emory Healthcare, and the University of Texas Southwestern. Each partner is a leading academic medical institution or a top 15 nationally ranked healthcare system. Our clinical partners rely upon us to deliver a fully functioning proton center that they can successfully operate.
  • STRATEGIC ALLIANCES: APT has formed international strategic alliances with architectural health-care design firms, construction firms, and equipment companies. Working closely together, our team provides quality service and professional guidance in the development and delivery of proton treatment centers. APT involves our clinical partners in all phases of the development process.


At every step of the cancer center development process, APT’s management team works openly with partners, vendors and clients to nurture cooperation and expedience.

We never lose sight of our ultimate goal: to provide the world’s leading cancer specialists with all the tools they need to heal as many patients as possible.

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